I have been showing my work since 2010 both as an individual and as a member of a group known jointly as NegativeArt and Laney Visions. The links below will take you to the work I exhibited.


May 1, 2016

Noe Valley “Pop-Up” Gallery

William High Memorial Gallery Oakland, CA


  • Joyce Gordon Gallery 07/04/2014 Oakland, CA

“Capture of Life: Absent from Color”

  • Bowers Office Center Santa Clara, CA 2013

“NegativeArt 2013”

  • Black Cat Gallery 06/02/2012 San Jose, CA

“NegativeArt 2012”

  • PhotoLab “Picturish” Gallery 08/07/2010 Berkeley, CA

“Laney Visions 2010”

  • William High Memorial Gallery 2010-Present Oakland, CA

William High Memorial Gallery Laney College Photography Department


Black and White Film Photography

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