Artist Statement

The first visual impact of any photograph for me is the interplay of light and dark. I use the camera more as a tool to sketch with. I try to keep it simple as my intent is to isolate the poetry and preserve the simplicity of beauty that caught my eye originally. The combination of using film, light, and chemistry brings me intense joy and satisfaction. The sense of magic that comes from seeing that first image appear in the developer never fails to amaze me.

Any comparison of digital and black and white film for me is like “apples and oranges”. The challenge of the chemical process where anything can and does go wrong is far more rewarding to me than digital enhancement. Each print is unique. Any mistake is permanent and cannot be “undone” or reverted to a last saved change. This is not to say I don’t like or appreciate digital photographs. I, in fact, love the process. I just don’t like doing it with a phone.

Black and white film photography is an art I hope will never die. Contemplative photography comes both with film and digital.


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Black and White Film Photography

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