About Me

B&W Work

I have been attending classes specializing in darkroom technique committed to the creation of fine art exclusively through the medium of black and white film, and silver gelatin prints.

I am constantly photographing and spend as much time in the darkroom as I can. I prefer the stimulation of the classroom environment and feel the feedback from my peers is and has been essential to my growth.

My work has been exhibited as a member of the group “Laney Visions” and as a member of the group “NegativeArt”. Both groups were founded at Laney Community College’s Photography Department. My work has also been exhibited as an individual outside of the groups.


  • Photolab Picturish Gallery, Berkeley 2010
  • Black Cat Gallery, San Jose 2012
  • Bower’s Office Center Santa Clara 2013
  • Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland 2014
  • William High Memorial Gallery, Oakland 2010-Present

Color Works

Susan A Bradley About My Work
Susan A Bradley About My Work


A few of the Galleries:

Click on any title below to visit that page. Additional Links are on my Links page.


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Black and White Film Photography

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